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Do you own a domain name? There are more than 348 million domain names registered worldwide, so I bet you do.Hundreds of millions of people own a domain, but very few understand the true power of domain names and the enormous potential value they bring to their businesses.

Secret To Find Domain Names Buyers

Here’s a great example: Jamie Siminoff upgraded from GetDoorBot.com to Ring.com, which cost him $1 million. Crazy, right? Not so much, since he attributes $30 to $40 million of his business valuation to the Ring.com domain name when he sold his company to Amazon.com in 2018.

Sell Your Domain Names Fast At High Price

Also, how do you think those companies you use every day got their start? Did you know that Dropbox.com started out as GetDropbox.com, Facebook.com was TheFacebook.com, and Uber.com started out as UberCab.com? Imagine if these businesses hadn’t snagged such valuable domains. Do you think they’d be as successful?

In short: Domain names are like real estate. Snag a great plot, and it can add literally millions to the value of your property (…in this case, your business).

The only way your domain name investing journey can end is success is by acknowledging the pain and reflecting how to change your path going forward.

If you use social media networking sites for your business, you face a huge risk of losing your company’s entire reach. Instantly, and with no warning.

New research shows that choosing the right name – and more importantly, the right domain name for your business – can have an outsized impact on the success of your business, including trust, authority, credibility, visibility and fundraising.

Domain name valuations and appraisals are not rocket science. And domain name valuations and appraisals are definitely not an art form, open for only the most seasoned investors to conduct. A domain name valuation and appraisal methodology does exist, can be taught, and you can do it.

If you don’t have for-sale landing pages up on your domain names, you’re losing opportunities to sell them. Every. Single. Day. Here’s how to win and close a sale today.

There are six types of domain names and each has a different sales price range. Just knowing that allows you to be a better investor by focusing your efforts. But it also allows you to maximize your return on investment

You want a great domain name because you understand the benefits to your business. The problem is someone else owns the domain name you want. How much is it worth and how do you go about buying it?

Portfolio hygiene means annually reviewing the domain names you own and determining which ones to keep and which ones to sell or drop. It’s necessary to review your domain names yearly to maintain a healthy and profitable investment portfolio. You only need to ask yourself three questions to maintain a healthy domain name portfolio.

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